Exclusive Interview With Soundz Grate

1. Let the people know where you are from?
Originally I'm from Birmingham, Alabama. I moved around the states with my parents, because I was an Army brat. We ended up settling in Augusta, Georgia and that's the place I call home.
2. Does where you grew up influence your music?
I grew up all over, so of course. The Neo-Soul I sing comes from the South, the P-funk and attitude comes from when I was in Cali, and my story telling comes from my summers up North. Every region has their own style and flavor, I've been blessed to be exposed to most of it. Another major influence in my up-bringing was The Church. My grandmother is a reverend, so I've had my fair share of Bible study lol. I was never in the choir, yet when no one was around I was always singing Hymns or gospel something.
3. Growing up who were your musical influences?
My family honestly....Without them I wouldn't have ever been exposed to it the way I was. The very first cassette tape I bought was "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy", when I was in Cali. We were in a music store in Burbank, the name had me interested so I played the tape. When that Jazz and Swing music hit my ears I was hooked. I'm not your everyday artist... Listening to Johann Sebastian Bach is a favorite of mine especially the way the harpsichord sounds, it's electrifying. That might have thrown some of the readers off, but I love music in its entirety. Of course George Clinton, Sade, D'Angelo, DMX, Method Man, and anyone melanated is a major influence. Yet on the flip-side, I'm a huge P!nk fan, Panic At The Disco, Nickleback, Chuck Magione, Enrique Iglesias, and the list goes on. Being stuck listening to one genre will limit your creative horizons as an artist.
4. What are your goals in the music industry?
I always say that I want to change the industry. I want to change the content back to being positive, it seems to be who can be the best junkie these days. People are proud to be the side-piece, no one really sings about love anymore, getting married, and having a whole family. Trapping, and being gangsta is glorified, whilst getting educated or being proper is frowned upon. I find that to be so backwards, because the fast life, and street life is a dangerous one. On another note, having a record label changes my perspective of the industry greatly. My sole purpose is artist development when I'm not working on my own projects. Educating up and coming artist about the industry and what they truly need to do in order to succeed.
5. Tell us about your newest project.
That is one that is hard to say. I do so much. If we are talking music, I'm working on a Christmas album.... Singing all the hits lol. I have a radio show on We On Radio, which is a stepping stone to something much larger with my biz partner. That's all I can say at the moment....Everything else, if you're not following me, you'll just have to wait and see.
6. What makes you different from other artists?
Probably the fact that I will say a thousand things before I say that i'm an artist. I will not get into those particulars, but I'm either a singer that raps, or I'm a rapper that sings. Perhaps I'm a poet that harmonizes to an instrumental or can just do my thing acapella. Sooooo besides me being extremely eccentric, is that I am my own one stop shop. This is what makes me so different.
7. Where can the fans listen to your music?
My music is everywhere digitally, so if you can think it or type it, I'm there. It also plays everyday on 91.8 We On Radio, so if you want to listen to that station, you can download the app.
8. What are your social media links?

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