Exclusive: Interview With Reposing Jay

1. What Are Your Goals In The Music Industry?
One goal of mine in the music industry is to be more than heard. I want people to use my music as advice or as a shoulder to lean on you know. I already feel I'm better than most artists at the top in this rap game. So to be.
2. What inspires you to make music?
Life inspires me to make music. In life it can be the simplest things in mine or someone elses that propels me to pick up the pen or write a verse about anything.
3. Tell us about your new project.
My new project is "SumThen Diffrant". It's a project that touches on a little of everything like the current state of Hip-Hop, Women, My City, and Disempowerment from the government, and more! It's a variety of topics I touch on this mixtape! 4. What makes you different from other artists?
I embody every aspect of life. Look, I came up working a 9 to 5, but I was associated with people who didn't go that route. What makes me different is I can talk about 401k, getting out of debt, paying back a loan, or paying taxes. These things are real in everyone's life yet no one speaks about them on the big stage. That's what makes me different!5. Who were your musical inspirations growing up?
My musical inspirations were Chamillionaire, T.I., Scarface, UGK, ABN, OutKast, Tupac, and Nas. I know I'm forgetting some people but those were the main inspirations.
6. Where can the fans listen to your music?
7. What are you links on social media?
Twitter: @Reposing Jay (Most Active)
IG: @Reposing Jay
Facebook: @ReposingJayWGE
"I'm going to put Dallas,Tx on the map in a real way with WiseGuyEnt! This is not a movement this is a force!"

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