Exclusive Interview With Qeez

1. What Are Your Goals In The Music Industry?
I will be the biggest artist to ever live. I want to inspire people and touch people with words that come from my soul and my experiences. Eventually have my own record label to give people opportunity that I didn't have .
2. What inspires you to make music?
My experiences and my struggle, but not just mine , but of my people and people just like me. I view it as a way to speak out against injustice but through all the bad in the world you have to remind people to have a good time and I think I bring that aspect as well.
3. Tell us about your new project.
My latest project 'Low Key Major' is a project I put together with the help of my team and DJ MLK. It's really a reflection of how I'm feeling at the moment. It's a coming out party to let people know there is still real rap among the younger generation but I also wanted to let people know we can be more than rappers, gangsters, and dope boys. We actually have a real purpose in life.
4. What makes you different from other artists?
My versatility . My love for the art. It's not about money, women, clothes, I love the art. I love for people to come up to me and say "this song changed my life " or " this song made me refrain from doing something I shouldn't have " . I'm real. It's no gimmick it's nothing I'm saying in my music that I haven't lived or experienced .
5. Who were your musical inspirations growing up?
Man so many, Tupac , T.I. , Snoop, The Game , 50 cent , Wayne, Kanye, Eazy E, Rick Ross, LL Cool J, so many man ...
6. Where can the fans listen to your music?
You can check me out everywhere ! Wherever you listen to music you can find Qeez. Spotify, ITunes, Tidal,
Livemixtapes, SoundCloud , YouTube , everywhere !
7. What are you links on social media?
Twitter :Qeez_
IG :Qeez_
Facebook :Qeez
YouTube : Qeez
Tell us any thing you would like people to know about you.
I'm real, I'm grinding , Me and my manager we are doing everything on our own. No major cosign . A lot of people saying they got it out the mud but are really related to someone famous, us we really are getting it out the mud and I can guarantee my music has something for everyone .
Queez has some great visuals. Here are some he shared with us and thanks for sharing.

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