1. What Are Your Goals In The Music Industry?
My goals for the music industry is to hopefully become one of the best R&B singers in music and work with the ones I look up to.
2. What inspires you to make music?
My supporters and the lack of real R&B music is what inspires me to make music. Someone has to continue the legacy of good music and I want to be one of them type of artists where you can listen to my. music for years not months.
3. Tell us about your new project.
Im currently working on an album, but I'm building my fan base up right now so that when I put it out more people will know about it and know who Marquis Allen is.
4. What makes you different from other artists?
My music makes me different. My voice, the type of music I sing, how I sing it amd what I sing about. My music is more about love, pain and a little bit of sex also, but more so about everyday feelings and situations. Things I have been through or have witnessed.
5. Who were your musical inspirations growing up?
My music inspirations were and still are Avant, Tank, R Kelly, Joe, Tyrese, Ginuwine, Jamie Foxx, Brian Mcknight, Musiq, Usher, John Legend, and a host of others.
6. Where can the fans listen to your music?
My music is available on Itunes, google play, amazon, Tidal, Spotify, and YouTube.
7. What are you links on social media?
Instagram: marquis_allen214
Facebook: TherealMarquis
Twitter: marquis0214

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