Exclusive Interview With Khaotic Jackson

1. What Are Your Goals In The Music Industry?
I would love to be able to go international in multiple countries with my music brand , and the fact that i'm a song writer. i also wouldn't mind working with some of the industry's top artist. such as (drake, rihanna, justin bieber, ty dolla sign,) just to name a few. i really feel like the competition would make me turn up even more with my writing abilities. last but my most important, longevity in this industry is a must for me. i must leave a legacy behind for my next generations to continue to build.
2. What inspires you to make music?
Life experiences, basically anything that crosses my mind for more than 30 seconds. like for example, with the party after party (2litt) record. i was in a state of mind where i felt like i was all work and no play. i was literally working 9 hour days 7 days a week for 4 months straight. So not much time to record, go out clubbin or anything. so when i finally go a weekend off i went to the studio and heard the beat... it was over wit, everything i was thinking just spilled out on the mic.
3. Tell us about your new project.
My single "Party After Party" (2 litt) will be available on all digital stores and most streaming sites june 6th, but you can listen to it for free on my soundcloud page so make sure to check that out! the video will be posted via vevo on a later date. follow me on all my social media to get specifics.
4. What makes you different from other artists?
Genetics, how i was raised, different stuff i went thru growing up, my voice tone, there maybe artist that people compare me to and we might be similar but well never be the same...
5. Who were your musical inspirations growing up?
First off shout out 90's babies, we had the best generation of music hands down.. where should i start jagged edge, dru hill, eminem, outcast, nas. i've always been more on the lyricism spectrum of music period. i even got into a little country music for a while, just listening to the lyrics and how they flow with the music. i get inspiration from artist that lyrically paint pictures when you here them.
6. Where can the fans listen to your music?
My soundcloud is home of any track i have ever released or ever plan on releasing. follow me on all social media to keep up with my musical journey for updates on new releases, and future performance/ tour dates.
7. What are you links on social media?
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BlackPhantomz1

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