Digital Radio Tracking And How To Get On The National Charts

Internet Radio Promotions
The internet radio audience is growing exponentially thanks to shifts in consumer listening behavior from terrestrial radio to streaming stations*.
We provide you with the service and guidance to promote your music on Internet Radio. Whether you are a major label artist, independent label artist or a completely new artist, we have the experience, knowledge and background to get your song heard.
Similar to our FM Radio promotions, our full service Internet Radio music promotional campaigns involve being in constant contact with the different radio programmers/ managers to ensure that your song is heard by the right people at the radio station with the prime aim to maximize airplay for your music.
For Internet Radio promotions we will submit your song weekly to over 9,000 WORLDWIDE Radio Stations!! (ALL OVER THE GLOBE & we track the stations playing your music through Digital Radio Tracker. (COLLEGE & SATELITE are included in our song submission campaign).
We have direct relationships with more than 250+ of the most active high ranking stations and are able to provide customized regional/national/global campaigns to best fit your song, to help achieve maximum exposure for your music and you as an artist.
Promotional campaigns on Internet radio are the most cost effective way to get your music noticed with the potential of global airplay. Previous campaigns have resulted in songs being played across 50+ countries.
Campaigns for Internet Radio can be provided for any genre!! TOP 40, COUNTRY, HIP-HOP, RAP, GOSPEL, ROCK, ALTERNATIVE, PUNK, BLUES, REGGAE, JAZZ, FOLK, SPANISH, ADULT CONTEMPORARY...
Currently our INTERNET RADIO campaigns (across all genres) are averaging:
50 to 100 radio stations per song.
1,200 - 2,500 spins per week
Estimated daily audience listenership of 50,000+ per week and growing. In addition, over 500 tweets on a song per campaign from stations are generated reaching thousands more on social media.
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