Minneapolis Independent Radio Show 'THE JUICE' Discusses Racism and Youth Empowerment in Their Newest Podcast

Maryland, Jun 15, 2020 (Issuewire.com)  - Independent record label, O.M.G Entertainment, Inc. owner and recording artist Maurice Jones, better known by his stage name Kilo M.O.E Zoom discussion with other panel members on the Minneapolis independent radio show, ‘The Juice’. The panel consisted of Finesse Banks, EMillioEgBar, Kilo M.O.E., and TWAIN talking in depths about how the George Floyd killing has impacted contemporary cultural resurgence along with other topics on community building, education, youth empowerment, and more.

The unfortunate turn of events that led to the racial sabotage and killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis was the focal point of discussion of the show. The country is currently seeing people in thousands protesting against racial subjugation at this point of global cultural evolution. However, the various layers of socio-cultural came out in the light yet again, and now that it has, it is time to identify the factors of sustainable change that will lead to a world of compassion. The podcast was conducted over Zoom with a panel consisting of personalities from various walks of life; a DJ, a radio host, an artist, and a community activist. All these people came together to highlight the drawbacks of apparent civilizations and the viable changes that could potentially bring about changes in unity and social distribution of power and its exploitation.

Kilo M.O.E discussed the various feasible solutions that can be implemented in educating and empowering youth, the importance of independent musicians and their opinions in the scope of the music business, and how the latest example of police brutality in Minneapolis has changed the dynamics of the country through the outspokenness of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. The radio show has plunged into the depth of closeted racism that is still sadly prevalent in every nook and corner of the society. All discussions have been conjoined in a respectable manner while pointing out the importance of immediate organized change that will lead the country towards salvation and then, prosperity.

The panel also discusses their opinions of the on-going matter through first-hand experiences and how the violent protests in Minnesota go deeper than just verbal depiction of demand for change. Racism in America over the year has turned into an integral, conspicuous factor in its definition as a nation and how the protests were bound to break at some point of an extreme threshold. Kilo M.O.E as an important pop culture influence shared his views on the benefits of business in a record label or the collective digital multimedia and how musicians can empower themselves through the thick and thin of social, political, and cultural uncertainties. 

The incident that shook the nation has also challenged the ongoing redundancy of cultural and racial orthodoxy. This show is about spreading positivity in a time of obscure hope through individual stories and interpretations by the panel. This particular episode of ‘The Juice’ goes beyond the superficiality of industrial exposure and brings to the center table everything that has been played out wrong in the society. A vision that is highlighting the importance of youth and their formative advantage towards grasping the right education and purpose, this show stands out in its attempt to articulate and vocalize the wrongdoings of a slowly declining society and its viable salvations.


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Released on all platforms June 26, 2020 

 Spice 1 & Q Bosilini’s Protégé Debuts his first single “Hands” off their label Thug World South

One of the newest additions to Spice 1’s label Thug World South, Real Smokesta has that deep rooted southern sound.  This next song from Texas native has a message alongside it.  Bringing a little r & b, a little country, and a whole lot of passion as per usual, Real Smokesta grasps this by the wheel, and drives.  The song speaks against Domestic Violence, and not laying hands on a woman, but just to walk away instead.  It has a catchy hook, the beat is melodic, and the lyrics make the listener actually pay attention to the words being sung in the song.  Catch this hit on multiple Internet and FM radio stations amongst the globe, and check out Hands on https://songwhip.com/smokesta/hands 


Follow him at @realsmokesta everywhere today!

Famous Ex Body Builder Rising as a Legendary Music Producer with Nationwide Recognition   

No one can imagine that an amazing music lover may be hidden behind the tough-looking Body Builder. But Maurice Jones surprised everyone with his amazing skills, and within very less time, he got a new stage name as Kilo M.O.E

With the release of his few mesmerising music collections, M.O.E. has now become a sensation with rising national wide recognition. 

This hip-hop artist belongs to the beautiful land of Baltimore, Maryland. He was basically born in the Jersey City, New Jersey. After being a favourite athlete of millions of fans around the world, he decided to follow the path of self-expression. And it was a way away from Body Building; Yeah! He stepped into the world of music and gave new dimensions to his identity in the world. 

The first most hit release from Kilo was “Money Over Everything”, and the immense popularity of this music album gave him a new name in the industry. Soon people started calling him as Kilo M.O.E. 

It is important to mention that Kilo spends a long time of his life in the field of bodybuilding. He was a famous bodybuilder and personal trainer who received several awards worldwide. Kilo captured the attention of the audience with his powerful performance in the field for almost two decades. However, later he decided to step ahead on to the stage by focusing on the music. He started giving several live performances in the United States and people eventually felt in love with his collections. 

Soon after that, he started publishing his content on the internet and received a great response from the listeners around the world. In the year 2012, he decided to set up an independent record label that was named as O.M.G Entertainment; here O.M.G. represents On My Grizzly. This multimedia label helped him to gain more recognition on the internet. The label released 9 projects under O.M.G. banner last year and they were super successful. Some of his most popular albums released in the fast few years are “Everything Designer”, “Hu$tle Time”. 

For the near future, M.O.E is planning to launch his new album “Fly Geez and Palm Teez”. It is loaded with some heart touching lyrics that will definitely touch the hearts of the listeners in the different corners of the world. 

About the Company: 

Kilo M.O.E is a music producer, songwriter, rapper, athlete and businessman who establish his independent record label, On My Grizzly (OMG) entertainment in 2012. O.M.G Entertainment, inc., based in Baltimore, was built with the foresight of today’s primary source for music revenue. 

For more information visit https://www.omgentmusic.com/ 

In order to know more about M.O.E. and his future plans, we had a short interview with him: 

Q. What inspired you to follow your dream of becoming a music producer after a successful career as a bodybuilder? 

A.  Well Ive always dabbled in music one way or the other as either a performer, rapper, or simply mixing records as a DJ. I was injured back in 2010 with some very serious back issues specifically Herniated discs and mild Scoliosis to name a few. Basically my body just started to break down slowly due to all the heavy weight lifting and not taking my own advice. So about a year after there were several attempts to get back on track to compete for Florida State again and out of nowhere my shoulder and a minor triceps tear stopped me. This lead me to a deep dark depression where I started to fall into a place of drug abuse and old wounds started to come to the forefront. During this stint a real good friend of mine I consider a brother til this day would come by my residence which eventually became the first Location of O.M.G Entertainment, inc. His words that sat with me were that I should continue with doing the things I love and if I dont know what that is search within. From there I rediscovered my music and entertainment talent and pursued it specifically that day. This was April 2012 the inception of the record label. 

Q. What kind of hurdles you faced during your journey towards your dreams? 

A. Wow. The biggest hurdle was gaining press attention. Imagine the irony of this as I answer this question! The hurdles were and have up until this point was trying to gain noteriety through press outlets and platforms that I wasnt a part of or friends with inside the businsess of indie music. But my athletic background taught me that if there is a hurdle and you dont know how to jump them you train to jump them by figuring out what techniques are available for you to overcome the obstacle. Getting solid coverage was the biggest hurdle throughout this and I trained hard. 

Q. What should fans expect from O.M.G in the year 2020? 

A. I am dropping an Album myself titled "Fly Geez and Palm Treez" available in March! I feel like this is my best personal work. Sonically, lyrically, and creatively. Just good music. We are also in talks with a company and are about 80% complete in making a significant purchase of a media company. Stay tuned as we will be announcing this once all the ink dries and hands shake. This acqusition will take us to a level we've never seen as a company. Also as you may already know we are Members to the indie licensing body known as the Merlin Network. Merlin has announced their deal with TikTok early this year.TikTok was initially responsible for the meteoric rise of Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road," which broke the Billboard record for the longest song to consecutively sit at No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart. We (O.M.G Entertainment, inc) are now delivering content to this platform which personally I am very excited to announce. Also we will be dropping a series of singles from various artists such as Fatcatogc, Pops Jr., Hecdakid, and Mr. Who???. We have also inked a deal for the up and coming Indie Urban Socialite Dj Blacc Widohh with a series of Mixtape compilations To name a few releases to keep on the radar for your entertainment pleasure.  We are looking to complete the year as a label with at the very least 100 releases. 

Media Contact 
Company Name: O.M.G Entertainment, Inc 
Contact Person: Maurice Jones 
Email: Send Email 
Phone: (443) 682-8626
Address:5420 Price Avenue 
City: Baltimore 
State: MD 
Country: United States 
Website: https://www.omgentmusic.com/home 

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/4587642#ixzz6G3NTMPmB

Atlanta Hip-Hop Artist Perelli Mack to Release "Lifestyle" featuring DaeDae 

ATLANTA, GA – From Houston to Atlanta, Perelli Mack has set out to make a lasting impression in the hip-hop industry. It all started from the beginning, when he saw his best friends rapping and making up their own rhymes. Though he was a little more focused on acting at first, the thought of venturing into a music career never left his mind. Once he moved to Atlanta, which is known as the mecca of the hip-hop music, he started pursuing music, and completely fell in love with the art. Since then, Mack has only gotten better with time.
The more he kept at it, the more the artist realized he actually possessed the talent to be successful. What he soon realized is how therapeutic his passion for music was, which improved the quality of the pursuit. “You could be having whatever type of day and music will cure it. I like to be an artist who can put people in good spirits no matter what they’re feeling or going through at the moment,” said Mack. His music is definitely the kind that you turn up to, as his whole vibe is centered around that.
On the topic of turning up, Perelli Mack has been keeping the charts hot with his hit single “I Got Sauce”, featuring Gunna. Between getting spun in different clubs and holding steady in radio play, the song has been a fast success for the artist. “My swag is different than anything else. I make sure my music has a different sound than all the music that is out there right now. It gives you a good vibe,” said the artist. It doesn’t stop there, as he is gearing up to release the visuals for “I Got Sauce”. Much like the song, he tells us the music video is going to be just as amazing.
As he focuses on the bigger picture, Mack is excited to release his next music project. His next single, “Lifestyle”, has a feature from well-known hip-hop artist DaeDae, and it’s definitely going to bring in those big streams he’s working hard toward. He’s always exercising his creativity in everything he does, which gives him a unique presence in the industry. Perelli Mack is here to stay, as he’s constantly grinding to make the material his fans really want.
To listen to P.Mack’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:
https://www.instagram.com/itshim_pmack/ https://soundcloud.com/boss-up-perelli YouTube : Perelli Mack
Snapchat: bossup_perelli

Hip-Hop Artist Junior Boy Overcomes Struggle in Single “Wit Dat” 

FORT MYERS, FL – Hailing from Fort Myers, Florida, Junior Boy is here to shake up the hip-hop scene. The artist brings a lot of experience to the table though he is only 23, and we're not just talking about music. His life experiences have shaped him into the artist that he is today. After losing his father at age 13, he dove head first into the comfort of music, which has been his saving grace ever since. Little did he know, this passion for music and lyrics would blossom into an actual career down the line.
Junior Boy notes that he has always had rhythm, as it has always come naturally to him. After the passing of his father, he decided to do something with this growing talent he possessed. "Before my father died, I never recorded anything. But, after going through that, I soon realized I could turn my thoughts into lyrics. Ever since then, it's been on and poppin'," said the artist. What he means is that he has found his signature sound, and furthermore, what really makes him the artist that he is present day. What sets him apart from anyone else is purely the quality of content he puts out. There isn't any topic he is afraid to touch.
For the past month, Junior has been keeping the charts hot with his latest single, "Wit Dat". Since the release, his fans have been vibing with the song, which was Junior's entire intention from the start. "You can feel my music. I've had two different record labels reach out to me because of this song, and my social media followers are loving it. The song is the story of the struggle, which everyone can relate to on some level," said Junior Boy. After realizing that he could connect with his fanbase through a more empathetic level, he wanted the single to encompass the feeling of being in the trenches with his fans. At some point, everyone experiences struggle, and Junior hopes his fans know that he's an ally for them through anything.
Next up, the artist has major plans. In short, Junior isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He tells us he will continue to crank out more fire music, while still promoting his single "Wit Dat". Junior is "never not working", and his music is a true reflection of this.
To listen to Junior Boy’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:
https://twitter.com/JuniorBoyTiDT https://www.instagram.com/juniorboytidt/ https://www.facebook.com/juniorboy.tidt
“Wit Dat” Official Music Video

Durt Boi mixes up good vibes with hot new single ‘Trippin’ 

MEMPHIS, TN – Durt Boi is one of those rare artists that you just can’t put into a box. The Memphis, Tennessee native is a musician with so many different sounds. He’s fun. He’s cool. He’s smooth. He’s edgy. In one song he might sing a love ballad, while on another he might drop a trap song, and yet another might be a booty-shaking song ready made for the clubs.
He’s like a science project – whatever he’s mixing up in a beaker is what comes out through his natural gift of songwriting. And the end result is a musician unlike anyone else in the game today.
Those unique sounds and styles are put on full display with Durt Boi’s new single, “Trippin.” Having developed a reputation and an energetic performer, “Trippin” shows off that high-powered energy in a fun and catchy way. It’s a song that encapsulates Durt Boi’s nonchalant attitude and swag – he’s not trippin off anything going on because he’s just focused on what he’s doing and trying to get ahead.
“I thought it would be cool to take that idea and talk about how people trip out on everyday stuff,” he said. “People might do stuff that ain’t cool, but I’m so cool I’m not even messed up about it. I’m still moving and grinding; I’m not trippin off it. Whether it’s something someone posted on Instagram, or something I went through during the day – whatever it is, I ain’t even trippin about it. If I can make it comical, I try to do that. Even if it’s something personal to me, I’m not trippin.”
Durt Boi said part of what makes the song so catchy is the intoxicating beat, which he said is “trapped out but with a little bounce to it.” It’s a song that’s not too fast and not too slow – just perfectly sitting in that lane that makes people have to move when they hear it. And it features a couple of unique sounds that stick out to people in ways that have them repeating the sound long after they heard the song. And though it’s a song with a simpler message than a lot of his other music, Durt Boi said he’s proud of the songwriting and lyrics.
“This is one that I just stayed with the flow and kept it simple without trying to over-think it,” he said. “I just ride with the beat. And that’s true to who I am. I’m an artist who is full of energy – I’m in your face with it. I’m Durt Boi. I come from nothing and I’ve got a gritty past, but I still take my music so seriously. I’m big on lyrics and wordplay. So you could say I’m an energetic, aggressive type of artist who is aware of everything going on around me and who considers himself a lyricist.”
Growing up in the Riverside community of South Memphis, Durt Boi said a lot of his grit comes from the lessons he learned from the rough part of town. But after spending time in the military, he said his life has turned around and he’s anxious to see how music can lead him to a better walk of life.
To listen to Durt Boi’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:

Lil Poots Connects with Fans on a Deeper Level through “Reaching” 

SAVANNAH, GA – Hailing all the way from Savannah, Georgia comes rapper Lil Poots. His southern roots have paved the way for his career, as he incorporates this flair into his musical style. Growing up, he was surrounded by a loving family, which he will always be grateful for. It was no surprise that he became an artist, as his sister and granny were both musically inclined. To say music runs through his blood would be an understatement.
Before he took the leap into his career as a full-fledged artist, he always had the idea in the back of his head. However, he often dealt with feelings of self-doubt, and didn’t know if he could actually accomplish his goals. “One day, I just decided to take off with it. I have my own little vibe. It’s all about being free spirited because that’s just the kind of dude I am,” said Lil Poots. To that, his music showcases this side of him, as he doesn’t know how to be anyone else except unapologetically himself. Each song he releases differentiates him from anyone else out there, and it all boils down to the message Lil Poots conveys through lyrics.
Last week, the artist made some major waves with the release of his latest single, “Reaching (For The Stars)”. The song is a personal anecdote, told straight from the source. “Sometimes, I feel like I want to quit. But, no matter what, I push myself to keep going,” said the artist. Though the song hasn’t even been available for download for an entire week, it has already gained serious steam day by day. Lil Poots tells us that his fans are really vibing with it.
Just like when he started out, Lil Poots continues to set major goals for himself. Performing for others is his passion, and he plans to continue this with hopes of signing to a record label. When it comes to recording his music, he’s laser focused, and pours his entire heart into it. He is completely self-taught, and solely depends on himself and his work ethic to make things pop off in his career. We will definitely see major things coming out of Lil Poots’ camp.
To listen to Lil Poots music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:

KG$ Vonte Delivers New Energy-Filled Album “Kosher Way” 

ATLANTA, GA – Music has been at the center of Kevonte Green’s life ever since he could remember. He started in his grandma’s shed, where he would play around with different beats and lyrics. He’s always been committed to finding what genuinely sounds good, and making it into his own. In other words, KG$ Vonte is known for putting out music that can’t be marginalized.
When asked what differentiates him from other artists, he puts it to us simply. It’s all in the creative process down to the actual release of the song. “The way I make music isn’t the same as everyone else. You have to listen to it to see if you like it. I definitely don’t have the same rhyme patterns as another artist, and that makes me different,” said Vonte. The artist admits he can be soulful at times, but ultimately creates what he’s feeling at the moment. Whatever you’re going through, Vonte has a song to match that vibe.
The Atlanta based artist is fresh off the release of his newest single “Bikini Bottom”, which has had his fans going crazy. The song definitely has more bounce than its predecessors, which quickly puts everyone on their feet. “Don’t worry about people hating. That’s what the song is about,” said the artist. “You just have to focus on having fun doing what you’re doing, and living in the moment.” Since its release, his fans have given him extremely positive feedback, which ultimately motivates Vonte to keep creating.
There’s one thing that remains the same throughout Vonte’s artistry: it’s not comparable to anything. He’s confident in the sound he has developed, and knows it’s entirely different than what’s currently on rotation on the radio. Between now and March, he’s focused on dropping another project, and coupling it with visuals. All in all, he’s beyond thankful for the friends, family and fans surrounding him, and will continue making music they want to hear.
To listen to KG$ Vonte’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

Jay-Z and Kylie Jenner Tied At #5 On Forbes 

I am amazed by the Forbes has an annual ranked list of America's wealthiest celebrities. The 2018 list has been released and this year, 21-year-old Kylie Jenner made her debut at No. 5 with a net worth of $900 million. It was a surprise to me to see that Jay-Z and Kylie are tied at No. 5.
Kylie Cosmetics, a brand Jenner owns 100 percent of that leverages her plugged-in social media following, has done over $630 million in sales since launching just over two years ago.
We know Jay-Z has Tidal, Roc Nation, and Dusse and although he is ahead of everyone in the Hip-Hop industry he clearly has nothing on these big businesses.
Kudos to Kylie and salute to all of the wealthiest people that made the list.
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