Hip-Hop Artist Junior Boy Overcomes Struggle in Single “Wit Dat”

FORT MYERS, FL – Hailing from Fort Myers, Florida, Junior Boy is here to shake up the hip-hop scene. The artist brings a lot of experience to the table though he is only 23, and we're not just talking about music. His life experiences have shaped him into the artist that he is today. After losing his father at age 13, he dove head first into the comfort of music, which has been his saving grace ever since. Little did he know, this passion for music and lyrics would blossom into an actual career down the line.
Junior Boy notes that he has always had rhythm, as it has always come naturally to him. After the passing of his father, he decided to do something with this growing talent he possessed. "Before my father died, I never recorded anything. But, after going through that, I soon realized I could turn my thoughts into lyrics. Ever since then, it's been on and poppin'," said the artist. What he means is that he has found his signature sound, and furthermore, what really makes him the artist that he is present day. What sets him apart from anyone else is purely the quality of content he puts out. There isn't any topic he is afraid to touch.
For the past month, Junior has been keeping the charts hot with his latest single, "Wit Dat". Since the release, his fans have been vibing with the song, which was Junior's entire intention from the start. "You can feel my music. I've had two different record labels reach out to me because of this song, and my social media followers are loving it. The song is the story of the struggle, which everyone can relate to on some level," said Junior Boy. After realizing that he could connect with his fanbase through a more empathetic level, he wanted the single to encompass the feeling of being in the trenches with his fans. At some point, everyone experiences struggle, and Junior hopes his fans know that he's an ally for them through anything.
Next up, the artist has major plans. In short, Junior isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He tells us he will continue to crank out more fire music, while still promoting his single "Wit Dat". Junior is "never not working", and his music is a true reflection of this.
To listen to Junior Boy’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:
https://twitter.com/JuniorBoyTiDT https://www.instagram.com/juniorboytidt/ https://www.facebook.com/juniorboy.tidt
“Wit Dat” Official Music Video

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